Chuck Ragan- Gold country

I'm posting it trough this weekend I think...The latest thing I post of Chuck ragan was ole diesel and I received mails to erase it. I did so...
The man is playing in my town on friday. Only show in France...
So I'll go to him with my hwm tatoo on my leg and say:
-"Hey how are you doing? Your last cd is great, more county-ish but still awesome. Your warm voice, your easy listenning guitar chords, these melodies which stick to the bones."
And he'll say just that, with a tiny smile on his face.
-"I'm doing great"
So I'll look at him with all my gratitude.
-"Yeah, thats how i feel when listenning to gold country. I'm doing great. It's good to be alive."
And then realized I just closed my eyes and that is in front of us as I get carried away by his show... or maybe, as always, it'll be the time a fucking douche spills beer on me...

Yo buy it!

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